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Foshan–which is famous as the world building materials factory,staging the world's building materials. However, the cruelty comes with the reputation ---- It will bring serious environmental pollution!
The most representative of this case in Foshan ceramic packing carton to express the meaning of the entire unit.
We use modern design methods with tens of thousands of paper device into a simple architectural space that each paper is a forest, shouting: the planet we jointly own has been difficult to tolerate withthe endless greed of thousands of manufacturing industry.
LED lights combining with multimedia, interact with people, and make us meditate as well as self-criticism. Meanwhile, let’s make the next choice!
Today we issued a crytowards the design in the form of a device thatstop making design thetragedy of nature.Moreover,we advocate being grateful for nature, using low-carbon andnew materials and then becoming an environmental designer.
Foshan - the world building materials also have the reputation of the world building materials factory, behind its reputation as a cruel - will bring serious pollution of the environment!