Mental State

心居 | 私人住宅

项目地址:廣東 佛山

项目面积:105 sqm

在這次示範單位的設計中,設計師探索用設計表達 態度與空間的狀態來呈現最終的效果。在現實生活中,一件物件會改變你,一個場所會改變你的狀態。空間讓我們更親近,促進我們交流。因此在這項目中把“空間”設定是一個奇妙的容器,你到了某個空間會跟它發生感應,激發出你的某種狀態。
At this demonstration unit, designers explore to express their attitudes and the spatial effect through design and demonstrate the final effect. In life, the temperament of an object will affect us, and the scene setting at a place will change our mental state. Space makes us get closer and promote exchanges between us. We define “space” as a fantastic container: when you come into a space, it will interact with you and stimulate a certain state of you.