Aesthetic life

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“美学的生活,就是把自己的身体、行为、感觉和激情,把自己不折不扣的存在,都变成一件艺术品。”这是一位法国哲学家Michel Foucault说的。
A French philosopher said, “Aesthetic life means to make one’s body, behaviors, feelings and passions, and his very existence a work of art.”
All the time, architects have been aware of the importance of symmetry; symmetry is very natural, including human body. And more, symmetry influences people sense to space, as it is a significant principle in aesthetic design.
People feel balanced and comfortable in a symmetric space. When we looked at the original structure of this project, we find it very interesting that its inner space is actually an eighth arc. Therefore, we combined project functional requirements and marketing positioning using axis as the moving line, divide interior space into functional areas. Think about the selection of materials for each area and facade design, then use the material to create a composition ratio of space. The ultimate aim is not only the pursuit of spatial composition beauty, but to make every area be able to reflect its nature and function, but also make those who live in them be able to feel the experience of life.