The Eloquent Quietude



项目面积:250 sqm


Rays, cylinders, and cuboids make up a three-dimensional, split-level space; the change that the designer aims for is to alter the client's perspective. The experience of space is instantaneous.
This is a space for displaying materials, set to the concept of a piece of white paper. The process of choosing and arranging materials is like that of painting, combining to different possibilities and surprises. The designer attempts to match the divisions of the space with the sentiments of clients moving through it, to create for them a quiet and unrestrained sense of being. The lighting allows the clients to describe a line of movement with each step,  whereas the shifting lines blur the concept of the beginning and ending. The semicircular segmentation connect the boundaries of each section. Walking in it brings rich and delicate enjoyment of varying perspectives and changing views. Different scenes bring surprising experiences, and the impression that the body is already part of the soul of the space, and that the space is being sculpted by him!