NIUNIU Private Feast – Rebirth of an Old Factory

老廠房之重生 |牛牛私宴生活馆


项目面积:400 sqm

An abandoned car repair shop at an old town of Zhangcha Street, Foshan was acquired by a famous local western restaurant chain brand [NIUNIU] so that the memory and feelings of the old neighborhood can be continued, and food will arouse memory of this place.
[NIUNIU Private Feast], as the name implies, is the private high-class customized feast of NIUNIU brand to create more happy memories for your lover, family and children. You can devote all your thoughts to them here. The feast is especially designed for you, from the scene layout to the design of dishes to express your love for them without any reservation. We are not good at expressing ourselves, but we are making a banquet for them step from step…
The designer does not re-overthrow the original structure of the building but uses food to give re-birth to the space, hoping to preserve the original flavor. Through the design of looping and cutting planes, a rich layered relationship can be created for the permeable and extended space. The three-dimensional concept of building can be regarded as the feeling of dining in the external environment with a blur of the boundary between inside and outside. The taste of the field will create the memories you expect.