简单满【筑】感 | 私人住宅

项目地址:广东 佛山


矫揉雕饰始终不及简约自然吸引。步进室内,第一个感觉像走进现代艺术馆,空间比例趣味无穷,玄关空间仅放一张由GerritRietveld设计的Zig-Zag Chair;椅子在此俨如艺术品。玄关,厨房,饭厅,客厅,房间每一空间都采用笔直线条,把空间进行揉合,过渡,分隔;横线与直线全部不偏不倚,成90度直角,使整体格局整齐舒适,令人慑服。
Simplicity is the best appealing. Stepping into the room,you feel like visiting a modern art museum in humorous space proportion. A Zig-Zag Chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld is such a piece of art solely displayed in the front hall. Front hall,kitchen,dinning room,living room and bedroom are designed in erected lines to make space integrated. Transverse lines and vertical lines are sharply right-angled for comfortable space arrangement.