Tradition Lasts




IDEA BOX的诞生,源于职业设计师工作台上的一片杂乱。职师跟匠人一样,都拥有自己专属的创作工具;一支笔、一把尺子、一块橡皮……拿上手里都会感受到那股属于自己的温度。我们生活中有自己的府邸,作为设计师,也应该为合作伙伴创作设计一个栖身之地---【IDEA BOX】。根据工具特性,建造出一个个专属、归整、灵动的盒子空间;经过工匠认真的手工制作,为突出木材的肌理层次感,寻找那份自然的可塑造的木头,让一个方盒子都呈现出无限的细节与观感,把“自然美学”带到创作人的工作台上,赏心悦目地让创作人每天拥有一份愉悦的心境…...
Handicraft, an ode to Nature from the humankind, is rarely flashy, combining a craftsman’s technique, belief and devotion. Things that can’t be expressed with language come through touch, look, and texture. The pioneer of synthesising traditional handicraft and contemporary design, the Japanese master Sori Yanagi, once said that ‘if you feel with hand, the hand will give you an answer.’
IDEA BOX emerges from the chaos on the desk of a professional designer. A professional designer, like a craftsman, has his own tools: a pen, a ruler, an eraser, which bear the temperature of their master’s temperature. We all have our own domains in our lives; also as designers, we feel obligated to provide working spaces for our colleagues… 【IDEA BOX】. According to the particularities of each tool, we build different spaces that can nimbly collect them. With rigorous manual work from the craftsman, and the searching of naturally pliant wood, the texture of the material is brought out, giving infinite details and impressions, so that ‘natural beauty’ is delivered onto of a designer’s a work station, whose mood is bound to be lightened.